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“We here at the my place hotel, &the super8 are very happy with our new service with top flight..i would highly recommend their services, thank you so much top flight..Tom, maintenance, Wyndham hotels, our driveways were cleared,sidewalks cleared,guest were able to get to their cars, parking cleared, great job!"


“They are quick & efficient, and come take care of things as soon as we ask. I work in an office downtown and they are very prompt in taking care of any issues."


“We have worked with Julie, Rob and the team at Top-Flight for a few years and the experience has been fantastic! They work with our schedules and are proactive in making sure our entire office is clean day to day and when needed offer to assist in cleaning carpets, windows and more, they don't wait for me to ask but make the suggestion and then get it taken care of. The service they provide can't be beat!"


“Top Flight is TOPS! I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with all of their services. From Janitorial Services to Maintenance work within our branches, they have far exceeded my expectations as well as our Executive Managements expectations. This company truly lives by the Code of the West - Doing What Has To Be Done and Riding for the Brand. Visit with them, you will not be disappointed!"